Who We Are

Our company specializes in the engineering industry, and is primarily focused in Oil & Gas. We perform mechanical and carpentry jobs for large and medium-sized companies, offering our customers procurement services, pre-operational planning activities, retail engineering, production and maintenance operations. Our company is a young one, but it has been founded by entrepreneurs with a great back-ground in this field. We guarantee a qualified and experienced team, policy respect of quality and safety, respect for project timing, all with the use of technologies ever more compatible with environment and security.

Our production areas:

  • Carpentry
  • Piping
  • Boilers
  • Pressure equipments
  • Assembly and maintenance of “turnkey” industrial systems
  • Building of aqueducts, sewers, irrigation systems, water purification and treatment
  • Building of gas and oil pipelines
  • Building of power, hydraulic, thermal power and electronuclear stations.
  • Building offshore
  • building on-shore
  • viaducts



Why choose us

Fondatore OMG | officine metalmeccaniche generali
The company slowly felt the need to practice its skills more independently, thus leading in 1975 to the founding of a company composed of Lonetti brothers; this company began to operate in the industrial sector, dealing with pre-fabrication and assembly of equipments, such as sugar mills, aqueducts and cement plants. storia omg

In 1978 the company started to obtain the first orders in the offshore sector, from Belleli Spa. This collaboration has lasted for twenty years, during which the company expanded its know-how. Thanks to the Belleli colossus, the company contributed to the realization of major floating oil platforms, bridges and jackets.

Competence and passion for this job brought the second generation of the Lonetti family in 2001 to set up the O.M.G. Company, continuing the family business experience. The current size and the professionalism obtained, allow this company to manage projects that require substantial financial resources and advanced equipments, resources, and staff.

Thanks to this prior experience, the qualified team, and the recently built and technological equipments and facilities, the company offers pre-operative planning, retail engineering and production and maintenance operations. O.M.G. guarantees quality, safety and innovation, to fulfil and meet the needs of its customers, with the use of technologies ever more compatible with environment and security.

A Path Of History


The protection and health of workers and the safety of transports, plants and equipments are very important. Through a safety management system, O.M.G. evaluates all the risks on the health and safety of workers, in order to reduce the potential hazards in the workplace. The company's policy is designed to ensure the physical safety and health of its workers. The company is managed through project plans and a specialized team organizes information and training plans aimed at raising awareness among its employees on the importance of protecting health, safety and environment. Thanks to these features, O.M.G. has developed a growth on the national and international market, meeting the demands of both leading customers in this field and retailers with more particular demands.


In recent years, O.M.G. has started a long consolidation process on the engineering construction market in order to offer companies always in line services with the needs of the demand, with solutions that combine efficiency and quality. In order to confirm this efficiency and productivity, we can quote the RINA ISO 9001:2000 certification. Quality has a dominant role in the company, and features it from the planning to the production, from the operations to the customer service: all processes are followed from the beginning to the end by our expert staff, and the products are made according to planned regulations and timing, and the great relationships with customers, partners, and staffs are fundamental. Control and effectiveness of the Quality are obtained through the implementation of quality project Plans aimed at ensuring compliance with the contractual specifications; these plans are accurately managed by specialists such as Project Quality Managers, Technical Inspectors, and Quality Control Specialists. The professionalism and high qualification of its employees place the company among the best companies in this field, projected to the acquisition and construction of important national and international industrial plants, with a high technological content.


The O.M.G.'s business strategy is based on the will to continue offering its customers professional and customized services to meet the needs of each company, realized by a team of experts and addressed to provide the maximum safety, efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Work in a sustainable way means using the values that distinguish us nowadays and that led us over time to grow our company, open new working fronts, make new and different relationships, cooperate with the world leader companies in the sector providing all those skills and knowledge that can best meet their needs. In order to achieve this, we constantly strive to balance the fundamental factors that we believe make a good sustainability:
strategic and profitable economic choices that allow us to grow our company, and create new jobs:

  • High efficiency and quality standards in line with the way we operate and optimally respond to the needs of our customers;
  • Safeguarding of the health, safety and satisfaction of our employees, aware that a large company must constantly be attentive to the welfare of its staff and to any possible risk;
  • Responsible management of production processes, aimed at respecting the environment. We believe that working in a sustainable way will allow us to create an added value to be constantly invested into what we are doing, and to leave to the next generations an ethical and social environmental heritage capable of generating new wealth and development in the future.