Chemical And Petrochemical

The Chemical and Petrochemical terms indicate the part of the industrial chemistry that uses oil, natural gas and polymers (plastics, rubber and textile fibres) as raw materials. The chemical and petrochemical process consists in refining and / or processing the raw materials into finished products. In 2007, in the turbo gas power station of Scandale (KR), O.M.G. built storage tanks for E.M.I.T. Spa. Carpentry prefabrication for power plants in Manfredonia, Atena Lucana and Pignataro. The job was realized in 2008 in the Strongoli (KR) Workshop for Ansaldo Caldaie Spa. Energy plant building for the city of Brescia. Carried out in the Strongoli (KR) Workshop in 2008 for Ansaldo Caldaie Spa. Eco-caisson prefabrication for Ansaldo Caldaie Spa. Carried out in the Strongoli (KR) Workshop in 2008. In 2009 O.M.G. carried out maintenance works of SARAS SpA, a petrochemical refinery in Sarroch (CA). Ammonia filters prefabrication for Fuel Tech Srl. Work carried out in 2010 in the O.M.G. Workshop of Strongoli (KR) .


The carpentry engineering includes the processing of metallic components (profiles, laminates, pipes) in order to build individual structural elements that together shape the final construction. O.M.G. has a 50 years experience in the field of carpentry, and has carried out several different jobs. Construction and assembly of auxiliary carpentry for biomass power plants. The work was carried out in the O.M.G. Workshop of Strongoli (KR) in 2001, for Gallo SpA. Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, prefabrication and assembly of hoppers and piping for cement. The job was commissioned by Calme SpA in 2006, and performed in the Calme Marcellinara (KR) yard. Building of pipe racks for Europower Spa in 2008, Workshop of Strongoli (KR). In 2004, Cometal S.p.A. commissioned to O.M.G. the production of composite beams for the engine room of a turbo gas power station. The job was carried out in the Workshop of Strongoli (KR). In 2005 the company dealt with carpentry prefabrication and composite beams of turbo gas power stations for Cemit Srl. The job was carried out in the Workshop of Strongoli (KR).

Plant Engineering

In the plant engineering sector, many achievements enrich the O.M.G. heritage of references. The plant engineering includes carpentry, piping and assembly of all the structures that compose the system in its entirety. Our company has realized plants for the production of sulphuric acid, for biomass power stations and for the distribution and treatment of water.

oil e gas
Oil e Gas

The Oil and Gas industry covers all the activities involving liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, starting from the research to the extraction, refining and distribution of the finished product. O.M.G. has a great experience in this field, and has carried out jobs for leading customers such as Saipem Spa and Rosetti Marino SpA. In 2014 O.M.G. participated in the prefabrication and construction of the Ivar Aasen jacket of 10000 tons for the North Sea, requested by Saipem Spa. The works were executed in the Yard of Tortolì-Arbatax (OG).